WUAC - World Union of Akita Clubs

General Appearance

Large-sized clog, sturdily built, well balanced and with much substance; secondary sex characteristics strongly marked, with high nobility and dignity in modesty; constitution tough.

The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 10 : 11, hut the body is slightly longer in bitches than in clogs.

The temperament is composed, faithful, docile, and receptive.

Explanation on the breed standard of the Akita

General Appearance:

  • The colour and condition of the coat greatly influence what we call "general appearance".
  • More important, however, is the Akita’s structure and conformation. Its size and proportions must be within the parameters of the standard. For excellence in both conformation and temperament, the Akita must possess other qualities as well.
  • Größe und Proportionen müssen sich innerhalb der Vorgaben des Standards bewegen. Um sowohl im Erscheinungsbild, wie auch im Wesen als Vorzüglich zu gelten, muss der Akita natürlich auch weitereQualitäten besitzen.
  • The Akita’s ears must be set at the proper angle when viewed from either the front or the side.
  • The position of the neck needs to express power.
  • The back should be level with a strong loin.
  • The Akita has to have a magnificent and well-curled tail. The proper tail contributes much to the dog’s dignified appearance.
  • Proportioned substance is characterized by well balanced legs with correct position.
  • The stance must indicate self-assurance as well as dignity.

  • It is, however, desirable for puppies and young dogs to have a happy and innocent attitude.

  • Bitches are required to show grace and femininity.

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