WUAC - World Union of Akita Clubs


Akita Club e.V. 40th Anniversary Show

17. - 19. March 2017

Germany: Akita Club e.V. 40th Anniversary Show-2

The area is in the center of Germany, has a large exhibition hall, Hotel, holiday houses and a nearby camping site. Dogs are welcome!

The Akita will be judged by judges from Japan, the American Akita by a judge from the United States!

On saturday the 40th Anniversary Show starts at 10 o’clock in the exhibition hall.

The Akita Club Champion Certificate counts double for the Anniversary Winner and the German Kennel Club Champion Certificate will be awarded in all classes apart from the Baby and Puppy class.

Saturday evening the Anniversary Dinner starts in the Hotel – with good food, music, dance and a lot of fun.

On Sunday we start in the morning with seminars about the breeds.


The German Akita Club hopes that many of you celebrate with us!

More detailed information will be published soon on www.akita.de