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Toyosaku Kariyabu

✝ 11. May 2005

In Memoriam: Toyosaku Kariyabu

Some people step into our lives and accompany us for a while. Others stay with us for ever, because they leave their marks in our hearts.

Toyosaku Kariyabu, longstanding President and Honorary President of the Japan Kennel Club, President of the Asian Kennel Union died on 11th May 2005.

With his death, kynology, especially the World Union of the Akita Clubs loses a man, who showed an almost indefatigable commitment to the Akita breed in particular. As the founder and initiator of the W.U.A.C., he was its first President and made such an decisive contribution that the Japanese Akita has become a well known dog in Europe over the past 15 years.

It is thanks to Toyosaku Kariyabu and his commitment, that the Sebaceous Adenitis Research Project has been realized at the University of Göttingen.

We will really miss his competence, his commitment and his strong personality. With Toyosaku Kariyabu’s death all people to whom he became very attached, have lost a reliable friend who will never be forgotten!

Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers
W.U.A.C.-Vice President

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