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Lutz Lammers

✝ 30. April 2009

In Memoriam: Lutz Lammers

If you search for me, search in your heart. If you find me there, I will continue to live in you.

Lutz Lammers, Honorary President and founding member of the German Akita Club e. V. died on 30 April 2009 after having suffered from a serious disease.

By his death cynology, especially the Akita Community loses a man, who was very much involved in the welfare of the breed Akita for 35 years and who made the Akita Club popular far across the borders of Germany.

We will strongly miss Lutz with his quiet and balancing temperament, his fairness, competence, his readiness for factual discussions and his strong personality.

By his death, everyone who was attached to him loses a reliable friend.

He will stay in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

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